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Hello I'm Dominique, but you can call me Dee. I'm a young author who unfortunately lacks the skills to draw, so instead I put my ideas into writing, and with that being said I have several novels I'm currently working on (X-Men: The Lost Children, Fallen Earth, Alone, and The Long Walk Home, Static:A New Spark) and was wondering if anyone here (if you have time ) would be willing to draw what the main characters would look like( At various ages, like child, teenager, and adult I'll mark them with *). If you do choose to do this just know all of your names will be put on the cover (I always find a way.).  And if you happen to do this just know you're helping me achieve a dream I had since I learned to write. (P.S I should also say if you draw them they're yours as well, as long as they stay within the stories that is) Also if any of these characters interest you ask me and I can tell you the  synopsis for each novel.  (If you'd like to be the sole illustrator of a single character tell me and i'll put your name next to the one you want to draw)

I'll add the basic info to each main character below .

Pandora Malraine (Fallen Earth)

She's a Beast-Man about 6"3 taller than the average man, she's a reptilian Beast-man. Think the Lizard from spider-man, except she has blonde hair, purple eyes light green, scales covering her arms legs, and the sides of her face, and also a tail. She has pale human skin from her belly up with an athletic figure. She's well endowed, she wears a choker with a red oval gem, her hair is short a modified bob. ~Adult*

As a *Teenager, she's skinny and her scales seem to be patchy in places including her arms, legs, and neck. Unlike her adult self she still has pale human type skin, because of the way her scales grow in it's supposed to look like she has some kind of skin condition, also I should note at this stage her tail is completely pale. Her hair seems to be a medium length and has a wet (Slimy if you can imagine it.)

Lastly as a *child Pandora looks to be almost completely covered in  pale skin, a few bright green scale rashes here and there. Her tail is like a small stump, and her hair reaches all the way to the floor (Think the girl from the ring, exorcist.)

Dominic Lyles (Fallen Earth)

(you're about to notice a pattern)
As an *adult he's of English & Jamaican descent his skin is a milk chocolate type of shade,a weird genetic mutation caused him to be born with red eyes , he has long dreadlocks that stops just above his elbows and he's got a youthful look and no facial hair. He's Pandora's handler (Ask me what a Handler is later) ,partner, and Boyfriend/fiancee,Husband (Haven't figured out which). If I had to say he's the combination of Shikaumaru  from Naruto and Kassim from magi.

*Teenage Dominic has short dreads that stop at his neck, a stubble that makes his baby face look weird. His eye brows are thick at this age, made him look incredibly mean. He's very skinny, and usually he wore a band-aid over his nose.

*Child Dominic had round twisties coming out of his head, he looked vary weak and puppish. He met Pandora at this age, he has a red oval gem hanging from a thin chain around his neck.....

Riley Smyth (Alone)

As an *adult Riley has light caramel skin, and an athletic figure. (Side note Riley was born with an unknown genetic mutation causing him to grow up healthy, just with the outward appearance of a female (His body *except for the part that makes him male* looks exactly like a female, that includes the curves, natural breasts, and nimble frame  . His face is pretty, and makes use of black or grey lipstick. He wears green contacts. His hair is a unique take on feminine dreadlocks into a pony tail. He wears a cross choker which uses a tiny tiny needle to puncture his voice box giving him the voice of a female.

*Teenage Riley is slightly different than adult with only the hair being just straight down his back, and a sarashi (A sarashi is a long strip of cloth, usually thick cotton the wrapping is pushed up a few inches to cover and flatten the chest)has

*Child Riley is splitting image of Teenage Riley except he's  wearing boys clothing, and has a somewhat frightened look on his face.

Daniel Hriek (The Long Walk Home)

Daniel is 17 years old, he's African American, with dark skin and an afro. He has blue eyes and round glasses (Think Harry Potter). After going on a hiking trip with his mother and father they stumbled upon a park....what they hadn't realized during their three day walk the entire world had succumbed to an unknown virus turning those that weren't immune into flesh eating corpses. After his mother was attacked by the undead ranger his father went into help....Daniel listened in agony as his parents were ripped to shreds.  Daniel is skinny, nerd type of guy who wears many types of jackets with his camo pants and boots..

Knowledge White (The Long Walk Home)

Knowledge is a six year old Caucasian girl with blonde hair and fair skin. She wears a cap that her older brother gave her before he left for overseas. She hid inside the old dumbwaiter as her father and mother were eaten by the neighbors.  She met and befriended Daniel as he was able to enter the special house Knowledge and her family once lived in...

Dominic Greyson (X-Men: The Lost Children)

Dominic is  mixed *teenager his skin color resembles that of his mother, a darkish tan that could be confused for full African American skin tone. He has dreadlocks that stops just below he neck. His eyes are a silver color, an old faded scar snakes from the top right of his face to the bottom left. He is the son of mutate Wade Wilson, and an unknown mother who had ties to the old Weapon X program.....

As a *child Dominic still has the scar but his features are innocent and puppish, he's the kind of kid that needed to be bonded with a female caregiver, and because of this he slowly goes into a similar madness his father is famous for, which is only capped by traumatic multiple personality disorder, which is triggered when his body or mind is pushed over the edge.

Rebeka Crow (X-Men: The Lost Children)

Crow is a teenage girl with grey skin, and purple eyes and long black hair. Her power is so strong that whenever she tried to kill herself the shadows she controls stopped the bleeding, cut the rope, made her throw up, or deflected the bullet. After shadow puppeteering Dominic to touch her (he has multiple powers) which she had hoped would kill her, instead the touch only mutated the power causing her to become a living shadow that attaches itself to another like a tattoo, and parasitically sapping whomever she's attached to life force...

Virgil Hawkens (Static:A New Spark)

If you remember the tv show, or comics I created my own version of the lightning shooting super hero! He retains his dark skin, short dreadlocks, he has blue eyes.

Karin Starr (Static:A  New Spark)

Karen Starr known as  the Earth-Two counterpart of the Kryptonian Super girl and first cousin to Kal-L, the Superman of Earth-Two. Possessing her cousin's superhuman strength and ability to fly, and eye-lasers. She is consistently depicted as a large breasted young woman, and her physique is one of her most recognizable attributes. I "reworking" her origin as the daughter of Lois Lane and Clark Kent. Sh hair short blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin.
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From kid's books to character design, traditional media to digital, whatever your skill level....If you love illustration art, this group is for you. All Illustration encourages you to showcase your original works of illustration and give feedback on other artists' works.

Thanks for taking a look at All Illustration! And if you joined, thanks for that!
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A warm welcome to all new members and a great big THANK-YOU! for all the wonderful submissions to our gallery!

If you have anything to share that would benefit the group, such as contests, exhibitions, news, etc., please feel free to write me or Deragonmaji a note and we'll get it up!

Group Rules:

1. No rude, lewd, sexually explicit or excessively violent artwork please. Nudes, partial nudes and mild-to-moderate sexual or violent content is fine, so long as the appropriate warnings are in place.

2. We welcome artists of all levels. The limit is 5 submissions per week.

3. No screenshots, please.

4. Traditional drawings should be scanned. No photos of your works or poor quality of presentation. With exception of oil paintings.

5. Please post only 100% original work! There are whole groups dedicated to fan art, so please do not post works with characters or stories that are not your own. Th exceptions to this are: work requested by the original creator of the story or character or caricatures or portraits of real people.

6. Blatant plagiarism=automatic removal from the group. This is also kind of illegal, so it's not a good idea in any sense.

7. Illustration, by definition should do one of two basic things: tell(or help to tell) a story or explain/clarify/support a concept. Illustration helps audiences to visualize/understand the words and concepts around them. What is or isn't illustration is largely debatable, but please keep this definition in mind when submitting.

Acceptance or declining of works is based on these criteria. If you feel your work was wrongly declined, please feel free to send a note and we will explain our reasoning to you.

Other than that, that's it! Happy Illustrating!






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